Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nimitz Museum Hosts Grand Opening this Saturday Dec. 7, 2009!

The Nimitz Museum will officially christen its new 32,000 square foot addition this coming weekend as part of a weekend long celebration. The world famous facility will now reach a size of nearly 65,000 square feet and hosts the most extensive and largest collection of artificats, photographs, oral histories, etc. to be found anywhere in the world regarding the Pacific War. According to Richter Architects, "The scale of the design steps up to convey the national significance of the museum and the global and historic magnitude of the Pacific War. Materials and detail of these building elements allude to the WWII era American military- yet also hold traditions in the Texas Hill County." (Photos courtesy Richter Architects and Nimitz Museum).

The addition is home to the new George H.W. Bush Gallery, a collections management facility to manage such a large collection, a new Museum Store, and an additional temporary gallery exhibit.

If you're wondering why the Nimitz Museum has made its magnificent home in our small, charming town of Fredericksburg, it is because Fredericksburg was the hometown of Pacific War commander and hero, Chester Nimitz. In fact his birthplace is directly across from the Museum and is accessible to tourists as well. Come be part of history as we dedicate this new phase in the life of our local grande dame, The Admiral Niitz Museum!

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